Written for Ladera Ranch Magazine by Kelly Lam, Founder of The Whole Purpose

Many companies still succumb to the mistaken notion that employee wellness is simply a nice perk. Recent research suggests that this is far from true. Employee wellness is becoming a top priority for employers in every field from retail and food to the most cutting-edge technology. Taking care of employees, whether in the form of healthy food demos, fitness classes or stress-management seminars, boosts the morale of your company and creates an atmosphere in which employees want to work. This alone is a great reason to invest in employee wellness, but it may not be enough to convince employers to devote their time and money to a cause that is not directly related to the purpose of the company. But the secret is that employee wellness has everything to do with the company’s success.

To start, employee health is directly linked to productivity. There are an infinite number of stress-inducing distractions in the workplace, from backaches and hunger to conflicts with other employees. In fact, 50% of adults in the U.S. report high stress every day and 90% of office visits to health-care professionals are for stress-related disorders such as chronic pain, GI complaints, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, arthritis, and depression. These may seem like unavoidable issues that are caused by the habits of each individual employee and are not the responsibility of the company. However, by assessing these problems and taking strides to resolve them and prevent them in the future, employees will be happier, healthier and more focused on the task at hand.

Investing in employee wellness costs companies less in the long run due to a reduction in healthcare claims and lost work time. In a study by the American Heart Association, employers could earn up to three dollars for every dollar that they invest in employee wellness programs. From entry-level to executive positions, employees will take less sick days and work longer, more productive hours when provided with a healthy, stress-free workplace. As a result, the quantity and quality of employees’ work increases exponentially and the company reaps the rewards of its investment.

When employees feel cared for by their employers, they are more likely to commit more time and effort to their jobs. As a result, employees increase their productivity and are more dedicated to their work over a longer period of time. And with an aging workforce, preventative measures concerning health and stress become increasingly valuable to the company.

Wellness programs are often treated as merely an added bonus rather than a strategic necessity but in this new wave of employment, it is vital to keep employees physically and mentally healthy. The 9-5 mentality of working out of necessity is not cutting it when companies are taking huge strides to keep their employees happy and healthy. Investing in employee wellness is investing in the company and in doing so your company is sure to be productive, resilient and successful.


Kelly Lam is the founder of The Whole Purpose, a company that custom designs wellness programs for individuals and corporations based on Mindful Wellness and Purposeful Communication.

She is a certified yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience, including a YogaWorks 500-Hour Certification. With many years in the wellness and nutrition sector, Kelly is also an experienced consultant and teacher of nutrition.

Kelly is also the host of “ActiveMe,” a television series produced by the City of Newport Beach and co-host of TuneIn Radio’s “Healthy Happy Hour,” a weekly podcast featuring celebrities and corporate leaders who discuss their secrets to healthy lifestyles.

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